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FDC's mission has always been to offer non-legal services at law firm standards. Its services are geared to the individual client and are based on informed professional standards.

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From the first client who told Manny Newburger that "he was the knight in shining armor and saved the company", the knight has been a part of our logo. We want to be your knight. Fair Debt Consultants has the resources to help your business succeed. We are your compliance headquarters. For more information about what we do, please browse our tabs above or contact us today.

Fair Debt Consultants specializes in assisting Debt Buyers, Collection Agencies, Attorneys and other Non-Collection Agency business organizations in the preparation and tracking of License Applications and Renewals associated with Debt Collector Licensing nationwide.


Various Debt Collector Licensing Services Available for:

  • Collection Agency
  • Debt Buyer
  • Attorney and Law Firm
  • Mortgage Servicing Companies


Fair Debt Consultants is proud to announce the release of Volume 1 of The Compliant Collector DVD Series. Learn the Golden Rules of FDCPA Compliance. Give weekly training to your collectors. Each session is approximately 15 minutes in length -- allowing you to train your collectors effectively yet not keep them off the phone. Presented by Manuel H. Newburger, his dynamic "tell it like it is" presentation style provides valuable tools for collecting and not violating the FDCPA.  ORDER NOW!  Future volumes will be available approximately every quarter to allow you to have  focused, year round compliance training.

Also available is the Fair Debt Collection Practices: Federal and State Law and Regulation -- This is the standard text collection managers and attorneys rely on - it provides comprehensive "plain English" guidance for both Federal and state collection practices. It is authored by Manuel H. Newburger and Barbara M. Barron. This publication is available through A. S. Pratt & Sons.  Order it now at