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Fair Debt Consultants assists Debt Buyers, Collection Agencies, Attorneys and other Non-Collection Agency business organizations in the preparation and tracking of License Applications and Renewals in the states and cities with licensing and/or bonding requirements. FDC's business model in the licensing arena is uncommon, if not unique. FDC works with its clients to provide a “turn-key” application process which can include:

  • Initial Licenses, Branch Office Licenses, Manager Licenses, and License Renewals.
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Company Licenses, Consumer Notifications, Debt Collector Licenses for Mortgage Servicing Companies, Auto-Dialer Licenses and other licensing that may be applicable to Debt Collectors and Debt Buyers.

Services are provided with a view towards minimizing (if not eliminating) the time spent on tasks which would duplicate those performed by its clients but also providing assistance when a client's internal staff resources are limited.
FEES and RATES: Contact us today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our qualified consultants about your current business needs.

Quotes are provided on an individual client basis because FDC believes that each client is unique and services should be customized to accommodate a business's unique qualities. FDC will seldom be the least expensive option for the services it performs. However, the expertise and resources made available to our clients makes doing business with FDC a worthwhile investment.

Fair Debt Consultants prides itself on providing comprehensive fees that are truly comprehensive.Before undertaking any work for a client, FDC works with a client to determine the needs and goals and what needs to be done to achieve them.A “turn-key” quote along with an estimate of expenses to perform that work is then provided.FDC is willing to provide quotes for additional licensing compliance work associated with changes in ownership, acquisitions, restructurings, or general organization maintenance.

Fair Debt Consultants is experienced in working with international clients and call centers based outside the United States.