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Fair Debt Consultants is proud to announce the release of Volume 1 of The Compliant Collector DVD Series. Learn the Golden Rules of FDCPA Compliance. Give weekly training to your collectors. Each session is approximately 15 minutes in length -- allowing you to train your collectors effectively yet not keep them off the phone. Presented by Manuel H. Newburger, his dynamic "tell it like it is" presentation style provides valuable tools for collecting and not violating the FDCPA.  ORDER NOW!  Future volumes will be available approximately every quarter to allow you to have  focused, year round compliance training.

Also available is the Fair Debt Collection Practices: Federal and State Law and Regulation -- This is the standard text collection managers and attorneys rely on - it provides comprehensive "plain English" guidance for both Federal and state collection practices. It is authored by Manuel H. Newburger and Barbara M. Barron. This publication is available through A. S. Pratt & Sons.  Order it now at


Fair Debt Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce:
The Compliant CollectorTM, its new DVD training series*, with the launch of Volume 1 in February, 2010..

People and organizations involved in debt recovery are faced with many challenges as they work to provide a higher percentage of return on debts collected while keeping down costs.

The Compliant CollectorTM strives to answer these and more of the questions asked by debt collection professionals:

• How do I train my employees to effectively, efficiently, and ethically contact debtors?
• Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) apply to us?
• What are the penalties under the FDCPA and how can we avoid them?
• What are the rules of etiquette in contacting a debtor?
• How do we work within existing privacy and security laws?
• What if the debtor declares bankruptcy? • What do we do if we become a party to a lawsuit?
• How do we ascertain that we have the correct debtor?
• How do we deal with third parties (spouses, employers)?
• What are the ethical considerations to consider in collecting debts or judgments?
• How do we deal with uncooperative debtors' attorneys?

*Each DVD is subject to a Digital Product License Agreement with a 1 year use period

The Topics:

Starting with Volume 1, The Four Rules for FDCPA Compliance, the DVDs in this series will provide practical information and valuable tools in the following areas:

• Avoiding Common FDCPA violations • Third-Party Communications • Telephone Practices • Location Calls
• Common Traps Set For Collectors • Dealing with Attorneys • Privacy, Fraud, Security • Special Issues for Legal Collectors • Bankruptcy Traps • Credit Reporting Traps • HIPAA Compliance for Collectors

Volume 2 - Privacy and Third-Party Communications

Volume 3 - Technical Requirements of the FDCPA

Each disk in the series will be approximately one hour in length with four to six segments, each approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. This format allows for focused, year-round training to maximize information retention.

The Trainers:
These trainers don't pull punches! They are attorneys with extensive experience in defending collection agencies, debt buyers, law firms and creditors. Their experience in defending individual and class action FDCPA suits and their extensive background in consumer law, debtor/creditor law, bankruptcy law, and the "real world" of debt collection lets them provide practical advice to collectors and collection managers. With an abundance of practical and entertaining examples, each trainer strives to challenge and motivate the audience to make the lessons useful and lasting.
The Host:

Manuel H. Newburger is a seasoned trial attorney and consumer law professor who has taught practical FDCPA compliance to collectors throughout the United States and in India and the Philippines. His focus is on "real-time" compliance rules that collec- tors can apply both to collect successfully and stay out of court.

Mr. Newburger is the principal author of a legal treatise on fair debt laws used throughout the United States and he has been a frequent speaker and author for legal education programs across the country. His "tell it like it is" presentation style provides a dynamic background for the delivery of substantive material.

Q: What are the benefits of this training to my organization?
A. It will provide your collection team with the practical knowledge and tools necessary to improve FDCPA compliance by integrating compliance obligations into effective collection techniques.

Q: Why should I buy this training series, rather than one that is less expensive?
A: A live training by one of our attorney presenters will cost you more than $4000 per day. This DVD series will provides an opportunity to have access to expert knowledge for licensing fees that bring this training into an affordable range for small and medium sized collection firms.

Q: Why do I have to return the DVDs at the end of one year?
A: Each DVD in the series is subject to a Digital Product License Agreement. Customers are, in effect, leasing the training for a one year period. At the end of that time, you may buy a renewal license for a disk or return it. This lets you pick and choose among those disks that you find to be most useful to your business. This also makes it cost-effective to replace a disk if it is lost or broken or if we have to update it due to changes in the law.