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Additional Services

Fair Debt Consultants, LLC provides specialized consulting services to the collection industry. In addition to licensing, our primary services are those of corporate training and strategic consulting, but other available services include FDCPA compliance reviews, employee testing, and assistance in the preparation and tracking of  license applications for collection agency licenses in various states.  


Available Services

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Collector Training
Training programs are intended to help businesses collect effectively while staying within the bounds of the law. While a number of class formats are available, the standard is a three-hour start-to-finish overview of the FDCPA. That program includes a practical approach to compliance with the mandates and prohibitions of the FDCPA, together with tips on how to collect effectively while staying within the bounds of the law. Written materials are available, but will be licensed for the client's internal use only.

FDCPA Compliance Reviews
Critical review of forms and procedures. Guidance in addressing fair debt compliance. Assistance in establishing internal policies and procedures.

Compliance Testing
The fair debt equivalent of professional shopping, we will simulate debtor inquiries and test the performance of collectors in dealing with consumers.

Mediation Services
Subject to court approval (as applicable) Mr. Newburger or Ms. Barron will mediate individual and class action FDCPA suits.

Litigation Services
Strategic consulting is available for both individual and class action litigation. All such consulting is subcontracted to Barron, Newburger, & Sinsley, PLLC, as Fair Debt Consultants does not provide legal services.

Subject to court approval (as applicable), through Barron, & Newburger, PC Mr. Newburger and Ms. Barron can provide litigation strategy consultation, litigation services, and/or expert testimony.


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